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Nov 9, 2012 6:00pm PST
- election how president obama addressed the "fiscal cliff" crisis. >> and facing such a severe gas shortage, how drivers in new york city are being forced to follow an odd new rule. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, of the c-i-a. tonigh >>> and now at 6:30, he led military campaigns in iraq and afghanistan and became head of the cia. tonight, general david petraeus steps down after admitting to having an affair. petraeus called his behavior unacceptable as the leader of the spy agency. cbs reporter tara mergener in washington where the resignation has shocked the intelligence community as well as top political leaders. tara. >> reporter: indeed. good evening, allen. yes, petraeus' resignation absolutely came as a shock here in washington ending the long career of a well respected and very high-profile public servant. cia director david petraeus submitted a letter of resignation to president obama admitting he had an extramarital affair. the president accepted his resignation. petraeus who has been married for 37 years says he showed, quote, extremely poor judgment when he had the affair. petr
Nov 7, 2012 6:00pm PST
>> reporter: the section news that came out of the election, mainly for the first time since 1933, the ruling party, the democrats, may have won nudge seats in the legislature to pass taxes without any republican support. >> i certainly don't intend to suggest to my colleagues in a the first thing we do with our new powers is to go out and seek to raise more taxes. >> reporter: still, the governor conceded that there could be pressure put on him to restore past cuts to health, welfare, and education. >> the only way to raise taxes is to ask the people. >> reporter: if they pass a tax you'll veto it? >> well, we're not into the threat game here. this is a time of celebration and coming together. [ laughter ] >> not drawing lines in the sand. >> reporter: is that a yes or no? >> that's a statement of the case. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and how that case pans out remains to be seen. republicans took it on the chin this time out. they failed to stop proposition 30, the tax increase; they also fell below control in both houses and the registration numbers for the first time dipped unde
Nov 14, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >> reporter: the governor was front and center in the days leading up to the election. he had his hand out saying we need billions of dollars for schools and for our universities saying we need that or else. so with voters consenting to increased taxes just last week those tuition hikes could really have been a political embarrassment for the governor. >> we have some breathing room. proposition 30 gives significant revenue over 7 years. >> reporter: and that means no tuition increases for uc students at least for now. it's a small victory for the governor after the csu board made a similar move just yesterday to avoid fee increases that were on the agenda. as the lieutenant governor pointed out it seems some political posturing is going on. >> yet we again dealing with the political realities of not wanting to appear to increase tuition or fees just shortly after the election have punted a little bit. i get that. you know, i'm in politics. but i don't appreciate that. >> reporter: newsom alone voted against the proposal today saying it puts us on a spending path that will inevita
Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm PST
private decision. >> reporter: it may be a tough one. she was first elected into congress 25 years ago, sworn in with her family at her side. that was the beginning of her rise. in 2002, she had her first leadership position as the minority whip. a year later, she took the top spot as a minority leader. by 2007, she made history as the first woman to hold the position as speaker of the house, a role she held until her party lost the majority in the 2010 election. since then, she has been the minority leader. if she steps down, this could be a massive loss for her party. >> she's been one of the great democratic leaders of a generation. >> she is a fighter. she'll be a fighter every moment of her life. that's jut who -- just who she is. >> i'll see you tomorrow at 10:00, or for those of you that are interested. >> having fun with the reporters there. if she chooses to stay, she doesn't have to be the minority leader. there is another scenario in that the 72-year-old could choose to retire and that would force a special election. the only thing that is clear right now is that it won't be
Nov 12, 2012 6:00pm PST
, and before the election, field poll predicted those under the age, it might be up to 28% and that difference may get something to pass. >> billions more will come into schools if prop 30 passes. >> it was close, but in the final weeks leading up to the election, the governor was out front campaigning for proposition 30 seven days aaweek and -- aweek and apparently young voters were listening. it raises a sales tax by a quarter cents and raises taxes on the wealthy. they campaigned online and debated it on social media and lived with the threat of increased tuition and fewer classroom days. >> it is ridiculous. everyone is saying you have to vote. you have to vote on this. >> on our ipads, our computers, so seeing posts telling you to vote is impressionable. >> the issues that young voters care about really spurred them to the polls. >> they know they have higher student loans, unemployment rates that are higher and i think they really got the message specifically to them where they are and it hit home. >> according to exit polls, voters under the age of 30 made up 28% of the elect
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5